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 pac man 2015

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PostSubject: pac man 2015   Sun Jul 12, 2015 1:58 am

Hi guys its zero again with another deck, this one is a bit trolly its called PACMAN
a- advantage

https://i.imgur.com/ba9hbZZ.png build 1

https://i.imgur.com/iVckKI9.png build 2

so pacman is a trollantimeta deck that draw so much is crazy, if a 11 card hand is no big i dont know what is. meanwhile controlling the board to a win-con or smilply having more plays and more stuff then the other player.

the key card is des lacoota he refilps himself and lets you draw a card every time he filps up not (counting if he is attacked.)- this is counted for all flip and refilp monsters as they need to successfully flip summon.

good draw power
pot of d
des lacoota
upstart goblin
one day of peace

the second major is fossial dyna, becasue is a deck that is so slow if you dont run dynas you will get out speeded every game the key is to build up untell you have so much+s that there is noway that you can lose or you pull your troll combo.

secoundly you need to main card cards like vanity emptyness and 1 turn ect

the thrid important thing is to run cards that stop attacking and placing more refilpable monster for example.

stealth bird
swarm of scrubs
re-filpable monster

book of moon/epilse
srcubbed raid
messanger of peace
one day of peace

ever the less the deck is really fun and stuid when it starts to go off.-zer0

dat post though


don't take me serious now.
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pac man 2015
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